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Advanced Team

Advanced Team is for all returning Insight Team Members who have passed through new team. After having already established a basics in Data Analytics, Advanced Team Members are able work on projects in partnership with companies.

Advanced Team


Netflix Recommendation System by Luke Bernstein, Pradyun Pandey, and John Sachenik - S2022

Prediction Model for the 2022 NBA Postseason by Ravin Mehta and Andy Zhang - S2022

Wordle Master by Aaron Chen, Kevin Yin, and Kelley - S2022

Accern by Jason Liu, Ashwin Mathakumar, Katharina Eibel, Jack Wang, and Eric Zhao - F2020

Netflix Unsupervised Learning by Meg Cui, Pratyush Kundu, James Li, and Vanessa Ting

Gravy by Jeffery Liu, Manuela Rodriguez, Melody Lam, Brett Lin, and Sofia Schwallie

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