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Spring 2024 Applications Are Closed!!

Machine Learning Team.

Join the Machine Learning Team for a deep dive into Deep Learning and Generative AI. Leveraging the PyTorch framework, you will understand and implement state-of-the-art neural networks and influential papers of the past 5 years.


Past topics range from gentrification detection using Visual Transformers to introducing Common Sense in GPT through knowledge graphs. Members will showcase their learnings through a semester-long project. Join a Kaggle competition, build models for BAC’s startup partners, or author your own paper for submission at top NLP conferences such as the ACL and EMNLP. Deep learning is changing data analytics by the day.

Aaron Chen


Kelley Shim


Machine Learning Team


Netflix Recommendation System by Luke Bernstein, Pradyun Pandey, and John Sachenik - S2022

Prediction Model for the 2022 NBA Postseason by Ravin Mehta and Andy Zhang - S2022

Wordle Master by Aaron Chen, Kevin Yin, and Kelley - S2022

Accern by Jason Liu, Ashwin Mathakumar, Katharina Eibel, Jack Wang, and Eric Zhao - F2020

Netflix Unsupervised Learning by Meg Cui, Pratyush Kundu, James Li, and Vanessa Ting

Gravy by Jeffery Liu, Manuela Rodriguez, Melody Lam, Brett Lin, and Sofia Schwallie

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