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meet the team


Cynthia Zhang


Archana Mahesh

Vice President

Aryan Navani

Director of Marketing

Aranya Chunganee

AD of Marketing

Russell Busso


James Luo

Director of Operations

Elaine Cui

Director of Outreach

Jahnavi Yandapalli

Program Coordinator

Saiesha Nooguru

Director of Technology

Cara Hsiao

Director of Workshops

Rishi Mandapaka

Director of Mentorship

Nipun Banerjee

AD of Mentorship

Wilson Merchan

Design PM of Mentorship

Bianca Ashar

Technical PM of Mentorship

Helen Pan

Director of Insight Team

Ned Donovan

Co-Director of Advanced Team

Kelley Shim

Co-Director of Advanced Team

Aaron Chen

Co-Director of Quantitative Team

Nick Bekos

Co-Director of Quantitative Team

Jeffrey Pei

The BAC EBoard is a group of individuals passionate about tech and analytics. We are committed to helping you find a community where you can learn about different roles and skills in tech. EBoard members range from freshmen to seniors and we are always accessible and happy to chat!

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