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Freshman Liaison Program.

BAC’s Freshman Liaison Program offers freshmen the opportunity to play an integral role in shaping the future of our organization and bringing their ideas to life. There will be a mentorship component where FLP members work closely with mentors to learn about the club, the tech industry, and expand their professional skillset. The program offers workshops led by upperclassmen for crucial tech skills such as data analysis, Python, SQL, and slide decks.


What makes FLP Different?

FLP equips members with the core tech and professional skills necessary in numerous career paths especially within technology's rapidly changing business. The program will give the members a close-knit community to grow with that share a passion for tech!

Spring 2024 Applications Are Closed!

Bianca Ashar


Nat Pichittanarak


Weekly Workshops

Our Mentorship Team leads you through a 10-week curriculum to immerse you in the business and technology industries. You will learn from workshops tailored to hone your soft and technical skills, as we help you develop a well-rounded skillset for the professional world. Our workshops will teach you how to craft a resume, engage in active career networking, learn high-level Python coding, practice using Excel, and learn how to design a professional slide deck with the tools real tech startups use every day.


Each week, FLs will have the opportunity to meet with one of our e-board mentors to expand their networks and ask questions/chat about anything.


Additionally, FLs will join the Business Analytics Club's Executive Board meetings, where you will become familiar with the leadership and logistical aspects of Stern's professional clubs

Joining BAC's Freshman Liaison Program...

You will play an integral role in shaping our organization's future and bringing unique ideas to life with workshops for crucial tech skills. FLP members will work closely with the e-board to learn more about the club and the fintech industry. FLP offers a mentorship component with upperclassmen-led workshops ranging from Python coding to strengthening your slide deck skills. BAC’s FLP equips members with the core professional and technical skills needed for numerous career paths, especially within technology's rapidly changing business.




ESG in the EMEA Region by Aparna Vagvala- F2022

EDA & Predictive Analysis of Healthcare Employee Attrition - by Bianca Ashar F2022

Stock Market Data to Predict Exchange Rates by Helen Pan - F2022

Amazon Holiday Sales Analysis by Cara Hsiao -  F2022

Sentiment Analysis on News Headlines to Predict Stock Market Fluctuations by Jahnavi Yandapalli - F2022

Analyzing Moving Average Models in Forecasting High-Volatility Stocks by Justin Chen - F2022

The Correlation of S&P 500 Companies to the Index - Jake Chang F2022

Predicting NBA Salaries During NBA Free Agency - Vihaan Hari S2023

Recent FLP Cohort


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